Custom EMJ Scarf by Ann Finkel Art

We are pumped to be sharing some exciting news with y'all today!! We have, IN HAND, a custom EMJ scarf by Ann Finkel Art. Earlier this summer during a brainstorm session, we had the (genius?) thought of providing customers with a scarf option when they purchase one of our popular scarf clips. 

So we reached out to Ann Finkel Art. We've been following Ann's work on instagram for months, and are always drawn to her lovely use of vibrant colors and eye-catching designs. When we reached out to Ann we knew we wanted to make a custom scarf for our team and customers, but we weren't sure exactly how it would look. Luckily, Ann was eager to jump in and help us turn our vision into a reality! 

We're in love with the end result! What do you think?!

SHAPES: We chose to use shapes based on our jewelry designs from our most recent collection, OPIS II. We wanted the scarf to complement our line for a consistent look that would be recognizable to our customers. See where I found her inspiration for these shapes here.

COLORS: We worked with Ann to create this palette of classic colors that we hope with resonate with customers, especially as we enter the fall months.

FABRIC: 100% cotton for a lightweight feel.

Overall, this was a really fun project to do for our team and our customers. Ann was an absolute delight to work with. BESIDES, who doesn't need another scarf?! The answer: No one. Get yours here.


xo, Ellen