Opis Part II Collection

We had an absolute blast this past weekend on the Opis Part 2 Collection photo shoot in Waco, Texas. We had hoped for sun and clear blue skies and instead got clouds and a pretty intense wind chill (sorry models!), but the overcast sky ended up being the perfect backdrop for our new collection.

Ellen Mote Jewelry

First stop: We started on a rooftop in downtown Waco where we could see the top of the Magnolia Market Silos!

Ellen Mote Jewelry

Second stop: On our pre-shoot scouting trip we drove by a random building near downtown and were so OBSESSED with this pink marble wall that we pulled over immediately! When we went back with our models we were not disappointed in the look. Isn’t it beautiful??

Ellen Mote Jewelry

Third stop: Our last location was in front of a bed of cactus (read: actually on the side of the road) because who doesn’t love a billowing cactus plant??

Ellen Mote Jewelry

3 locations, 5 hours, and 60 looks later it was finally a wrap!

After spending the last few months in the studio designing and making jewelry, it was incredibly refreshing to finally be able to style the jewelry we’ve been working so hard to make for you! It was also gratifying to see how beautifully these pieces accessorize varying outfits and styles. Take a look:

We hope you’ll love the Opis Part 2 Collection as much as we loved the process of making it for you. Stay tuned for the collection launch this May!

Thanks y'all for reading!


Ellen Mote Jewelry

Photos: Jeff Jones
Wardrobe: Wildland Supply Co. 
Models: Ava Sanjaro and Sara DiCamillo

ellen mote